AGE1002S - The Human Planet: Prehistory To Present

18 credits at NQF level 5

Entry Requirements:


Course Outline:

This aim of this course is to introduce the study of archaeology, and the study of human origins. Archaeology is defined as the study of the human past through material culture. Over the second semester, this course presents an overview of prehistory leading up to the modern day, as well as the broader climatic, geographic, ecological, social, and cultural contexts which made modern humans. In particular, it looks at the past through the lens of what people leave behind - the archaeological record. What you can expect to take away from this course: •A broad understanding of the timescales of human prehistory, and our interactions with the Earth System, from the Early Pleistocene through to the Historical period, and the emergence of present day societies (the "Anthropocene"). •An understanding of current concepts in archaeological thought, and the complexities of relationships between archaeologists, science, and society today. •Familiarity with the foundational skills and terminology necessary for present-day archaeological research and investigation. This broad course is suitable for all undergraduate students in the sciences and humanities; but particularly for those wishing to major in Archaeology, Environmental & Geographical Science, or cognate subjects.