AGE1004S - Introduction To Earth & Environmental Sciences

18 credits at NQF level 5

Entry Requirements:

Permission of the Dean or Head of Department is required prior to registration for this course. Attendance and satisfactory performance in the practical course and each of the three fieldtrips and reports in GEO1009F. NOTES: 1) This course is intended for students who have attempted GEO1009F (see entry in Department of Geological Sciences) and have therefore been advised to register for AGE1004S. 2) The course reviews material covered in GEO1009F and focuses on strengthening foundational concepts and skills. 3) AGE1004S is equivalent to GEO1009F in level, credit value towards the degree and as prerequisite for certain other courses.

Course Outline:

This course will introduce students to the structure and geological history of Earth as well as the interactions between the abiotic and biotic systems that shape the surface of the world. Human interactions with the environment are also discussed. Topics covered are solar system evolution, plate tectonics, the structure of the earth, climate-land interactions, the evolution of landscapes, biogeography, human adaptation and interaction with the natural environment.