AGE1005L - Towards A Decolonised Science In South Africa

18 credits at NQF level 5

Entry Requirements:


Course Outline:

This course addresses some key topics relevant to the decolonization of science in South Africa. Course objectives are as follows: (1) to contrast the science behind human diversity (e.g. skin colour variation, sex) with socially-constructed categories (e.g. race, gender binary); (2) to demonstrate how the history of racism and gender bias has limited the focus of scientific enquiry; (3) to highlight the importance of diversity and diverse voices in the production of scientific knowledge, (4) to show how African voices in particular have shaped and are continuing to shape the trajectory of science. The approach is a blended learning environment which combines online lectures, tutorials, tasks, and assessments. Guests both within UCT and from further afield will be brought in to supplement material through lectures, interviews and/or short case studies.