BIO1000F - Cell Biology

18 credits at NQF level 5

Entry Requirements:

Admission will be restricted to students who have passed either NSC Physical Science or Life Science with at least 60%. NOTE: Preference will be given to students registered in the Science Faculty. Students registered for this course will be assessed in week 5; if it is judged that they are not coping with the level and pace of the course, and would benefit from an opportunity to strengthen foundational concepts and learn new material at a slower pace, they will be required to transfer to BIO1000H from week 7.

Course Outline:

Basic biological principles and processes at a cellular level provide an essential grounding for future study in the life sciences. The structure and function of cell components is introduced, followed by an introduction to chemistry, including the structure and functions of biological macro-molecules. Cell division and the role of genetics in inheritance and the control of biological systems is then considered. This leads into an introduction to membrane physiology, metabolism and its regulation. Cellular processes that are considered in detail include the functioning of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, and how these relate to organismal physiology. Cellular communication and the immune system of animals complete the organismal physiology.