BIO2014F - Principles Of Ecology & Evolution

24 credits at NQF level 6

Entry Requirements:

BIO1000F or BIO1000H, BIO1004F/S, DP in STA1007S

Course Outline:

This course begins with an exploration of the mechanisms by which populations evolve and ultimately give rise to the entities that we term species. Building on this, it then explores the nature of the genealogical relationships between species (phylogeny), and the manner in which these are estimated in practice. The focus then shifts to abiotic and biotic controls on the distribution of species and higher taxa in nature, as viewed through the lens of niche theory, as well as constraints on the adaptability of populations or species to changing selective conditions. Finally, the course explores life history variation amongst organisms, including the factors that regulate its evolution and its demographic consequences. The latter provides context for a brief introduction to population ecology. Lectures provide theoretical background, while practicals and the compulsory field trip provide hands-on experience of material taught in lectures, as well as training in basic research techniques.