BIO2015F - Vertebrate Diversity & Functional Biology

24 credits at NQF level 6

Entry Requirements:

BIO1000F/H, BIO1004F/S

Course Outline:

This course begins with an overview of the evolution, characteristics, diversity, morphology, and life histories of the different craniate classes, paying particular attention to adaptations underlying the success of the vertebrates. Distinctive or advanced biological features of each group are highlighted and their ecological/economic importance briefly considered. The rest of the course comprises integrative, cross-taxonomic modules on the functional biology of vertebrates, notably locomotion, sensory systems, metabolism, homeostasis and behaviour. The course includes a strong practical component to demonstrate the links between form and function; as well as a compulsory 4-day field camp during which students will be trained in methods for studying the diversity, ecology and behaviour of selected vertebrate groups.