BIO5007H - Conservation Biology Coursework

90 credits at NQF level 9

Entry Requirements:

A relevant honours degree or equivalent: students with an honours degree from another discipline may be required to register for an MPhil in Conservation Biology.

Course Outline:

This course deals with the conservation and biologically sustainable use of biodiversity. It provides the education and training necessary to identify threatened species, ecosystems and ecological processes, and to develop appropriate measures to reduce the effects of threats to biodiversity. This course is intended for students concerned with both the theory and practise of conservation. The coursework consists of a series of compulsory modules that run from January to August and cover a range of fields of conservation biology: biodiversity basics, philosophy of science and conservation ethics, population ecology and viability analysis, conservation genetics, community ecology, ecosystem/aquatic ecology, invasive species, landscape ecology, GIS and conservation planning, climate change and conservation, resource economics, societies and natural resources, conservation leadership.