BIO5012W - Applied Ocean Sciences Coursework

0 credits at NQF level 9

Entry Requirements:

A relevant Honours degree (or equivalent). Students with backgrounds in scientific and engineering disciplines are encouraged to apply. Co-requisites: The relevant dissertation code from those proposed in the handbook.

Course Outline:

This course consists of an investigation of an approved topic chosen for intensive study by the candidate (student), culminating in the submission of a dissertation. The dissertation shall demonstrate the successful completion of a programme of training in research methods, a thorough understanding of the scientific principles underlying the research and an appropriate acquaintance with the relevant literature. It must be clearly presented and conform to the standards of the department and faculty. The dissertation will usually consist of a report detailing the conduct, and analysis of the results of, research performed under the close guidance of a suitably qualified supervisor/s. The dissertation should be well-conceived and acknowledge earlier research in the field. It should demonstrate the ability to undertake a substantial and informed piece of research, and to collect, organise and analyse material. General rules for this degree may be found at the front of the handbook. Students will enrol (and pay fees) for the coursework codes BIO5012W, BIO5013F, BIO5014F/SEA5011F as well as the minor dissertation course BIO5015W in their first year of registration; where the minor dissertation is not submitted by the February deadline of the subsequent year, the student will be required to enrol (and pay fees) for the minor dissertation component in the subsequent year/s. Convener: Associate Professor M Vichi and Dr C Reed Course outline: This course is convened between the Departments of Biological Sciences and Oceanography. The code BIO5012W represents the overall coursework component and will reflect the overall coursework result. This full time taught master’s course is offered over 13 months, beginning in January each year. It provides interdisciplinary vocational training in applied aspects of oceanography and marine biology for future ocean professionals. The course is designed for both recent graduates as well as those with several years’ work experience and who wish to gain skills to operate in the ocean services sector, focussing on operational and conservational activities, food, water quality and recreation preservation and other aspects of the Blue Economy. The curriculum offers a choice of two streams: Applied Marine Biology (BIO5014F) and Operational Oceanography (SEA5011F), with a common course in Foundations of Applied Ocean Sciences (BIO5013F). In addition, students will choose at least two elective courses, chosen from a range of modules offered in both disciplinary streams. The list and details of the offered courses will be available at registration. Students can choose to register for the minor dissertation in a number of disciplines.