BUS2023S - Organisational Behaviour

18 credits at NQF level 6

Entry Requirements:

Access to this course is restricted to students in their 2nd year of study or higher who are majoring in Organisational Psychology.

Course Outline:

The practices and underlying theories covered in BUS2021F - Psychology of Human Resource Management (HRM) serve to recruit, develop and retain the best employees, and to ensure that people are treated fairly at their places of work. Whether or not employees perform to the best of their ability also depends on the interpersonal relationships they have at work. Human interactions are complex, and each relationship is unique, but if you understand human behaviour in organisations (called Organisational Behaviour (OB)) you can create ways of interacting which are likely to result in effective working environments, that is, environments in which employees feel they are treated fairly, are committed to their Attachment 6 42 work and motivated to contribute to the organisation’s success. OB is one of the areas which distinguishes work psychology from HRM: To understand human interactions you require a thorough knowledge of psychology. In this course, we will teach how to apply OB theory to understand the behaviour of people working in organisations, particularly under consideration of the South African workplace context, and to critically reflect on your own behaviour when working with others.