BUS3002F - Organisational Learning And Wellness

18 credits at NQF level 7

Entry Requirements:

Students must have passed both BUS2018F and BUS2023S.

Course Outline:

This course consists of two modules, Organisational Learning and Wellness. The aim of this course is to engage students in understanding the field of occupational health psychology. The first module introduces students to theories that address issues of wellness in the workplace. The course focuses on addressing psychosocial issues that impair performance. The module discusses interventions that address occupational health problems and the South African legal framework relevant to health and safety in the workplace. This module introduces students to occupational health psychology interventions in both the formal and informal work sectors. In module two, students will be introduced to the dominant learning theories and principles that inform training in the modern work organisation and how human resource practitioners design and develop training programmes and interventions. The context of South Africa is used throughout the module.