CEM1009H - Chemistry 1009

18 credits at NQF level 5

Entry Requirements:

Admission will be restricted to students who have passed NSC Physical Science with at least 60%. The permission of the Dean or Head of Department is required prior to registration for this course.

Course Outline:

This course lays the foundation of chemistry in its context as a central science for scientists working in the chemical, biological or earth sciences. Fundamental concepts in chemistry are covered to illustrate their application to understanding the molecular nature of the world around us. Topics include microscopic and macroscopic concepts, atomic structure, chemical bonding and molecular structure, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, solubility, phases of matter, thermochemistry, osmosis and chemical kinetics. The course continues with an introduction to the language of organic chemistry, including naming of compounds, identification of functional groups and isomers. Practicals are designed to develop essential manipulative and technical laboratory skills, to take measurements and handle data, as well as to draw links to interpreting the physical world in terms of its molecular nature.