CSC4003W - Computer Science Honours

130 credits at NQF level 8

Entry Requirements:

This course may only be taken by Business Science students who are specializing in Computer Science. As with the regular Computer Science Honours courses, the entrance requirement is an average of 60% for third year Computer Science courses. However, applicants may be admitted with an average of less than 60% where the heads of department of Business Science and Computer Science have given permission. A further requirement is that all Business Science courses taken in the first 3 years of study have been satisfactorily completed. Each student registered for this course is required to have a laptop for use during class sessions as well as after hours, (A tablet or “netbook” will not be suitable). The handbook outlining the current year’s programme is available from the Department (and at

Course Outline:

A pamphlet outlining the year’s programme is available from the Department (and at A major research project makes up 60 credits and the remaining will typically be a selection from: Research Methods (compulsory), New Venture Planning (compulsory), Functional Programming (compulsory), Compiler Construction 1 and 2 (compulsory), Big Data Management and Analysis, Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Network Security, Computer Game Design, High Performance Computing. All students are required to attend the Professional Communications module that forms part of the course, regardless of any other PC course they may have completed. The starting dates for the course can be obtained from the course convener.