CSC5033Z - Human Computer Interaction

12 credits at NQF level 9

Entry Requirements:

Admission into the Master's degree specialising in Computer Science, or permission from the course convener.

Course Outline:

This course will introduce you to basic concepts and practice around user-centred design of digital systems. This course covers how to design and evaluate interactive systems for real users both in the developed and developing worlds. We will look at both theory and practice of designing digital systems. Topics include the design cycle, sketching and storyboarding, task analysis, contextual inquiry, conceptual models, usability inspection, human information processing, experience design, and qualitative and quantitative study design and evaluation. We will also invite guest speakers from industry and research to talk about their own experiences with user-centred design. The course will contain additional practical work to distinguish it from the honours level module on Human Computer Interaction (CSC4024Z).