EGS4057F - Urban Political Ecology

30 credits at NQF level 8

Entry Requirements:

Acceptance for Honours or Master’s specialising in EGS.

Course Outline:

This course explores urbanisation dynamics with a particular interest in examining the role of political economic shifts, history, discourse, and new forms of techno-management in shaping the contemporary urban environment. It does this through drawing on urban political ecology as an interdisciplinary field of study, that provides insights into the power relations underlying unequal access to urban space, resources and infrastructure. Situated in this rapidly evolving field of Urban Studies, the course aims to open up conversations about the dynamics underlying unequal access to cities as well as the possibilities that could support more just and equitable cities. Students will be expected to read set texts, both empirical and theoretical, in preparation for classes, which take the form of weekly, student-led seminars.