FTX3045S - Finance Iib

18 credits at NQF level 7

Entry Requirements:

A pass in FTX2024F/S and passes in ACC1012S or ACC2011S, MAM1012S (or equivalent), ECO2003F/S, and ECO2004F/S. Co-requisites: STA2020F/S or an approved equivalent

Course Outline:

The course is divided into three modules that seek to provide students with a solid foundation of investment theory and its practical application. The modules covered include, Fixed Income Securities, Derivatives and Financial Risk Management, and International Finance. The Fixed Income Securities module is intended to provide a practical introduction to the valuation, analysis and management of fixed income securities. The Derivatives and Financial Risk Management module focuses on providing students with an overview in practical application of the valuation of derivative securities. The International Finance module is intended to give a global perspective on finance, with particular attention to the practice of finance and investment management in an international setting.