GSB3003F - Economics Of Emerging Markets

20 credits at NQF level 7

Entry Requirements:

Registration for the Advanced Diploma in Management Development 196 DEPARTMENTS IN THE FACULTY OF COMMERCE

Course Outline:

The economy is the environment of business. One of the prerequisites of doing well in business is to understand the environment that you are operating in. In this context there are a number of forces that act on business. Some are slow and often predictable. Others are sudden and very often unexpected. At the same time, while these forces play themselves out governments are also likely to react with a variety of policy changes. Hence the dual challenge for people in business is not only to position themselves to either take advantage of favourable economic conditions or take defensive action from negative economic shocks but also to anticipate the likely policy response on the part of government. In addition to this there can be quite dramatic differences in the economics experienced in developed economies compared to emerging markets. The course will explore some of these differences.