MAM4000W - Mathematics Honours

160 credits at NQF level 8

Entry Requirements:

(i) 65% or higher for MAM3000W (or the equivalent at another institution), and, (ii) The average of the four marks for MAM1000W, MAM1019H, MAM2000W, and MAM3000W (or the equivalents at another institution) should be 65% or higher. In all cases acceptance is subject to individual approval by the Head of Department.

Course Outline:

This course provides an introduction to some topics that are basic to a professional mathematician. Students do a mathematics project, at least three of the four core modules in Algebra, Analysis, Differential Geometry, and Topology, and other modules for a total of at least 160 credits (most modules are 20 credits; the project, which consists of a thesis and two seminars, is 40 credits total). Students have some flexibility in selecting their other modules but all curricula must be approved by the convenor. The decision about which modules will be offered is made by the Department, but typically includes (in addition to the previously mentioned core modules) a selection from such topics as Algebraic Geometry, Category Theory, Computational Complexity, Cryptology, Differential Topology, Functional Analysis, Graph Theory, Homological Algebra, Lie Algebras, Measure Theory, Number Theory, Operator Theory, Partial Differential Equations, and Theory of Hamiltonian Groups. Students may, with permission from the convenor and with agreement from a suitable supervisor in the Department, pursue reading modules on topics that are not offered as taught modules.