MCB4002W - Molecular & Cell Biology Honours

160 credits at NQF level 8

Entry Requirements:

BSc degree with a major in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Genetics or Microbiology. Molecular-based courses are highly recommended. Preference may be given to UCT graduates. Entrance is limited to 30 students, dependent on availability of supervisors and funding. Acceptance will be at the discretion of the Head of Department who will consider quality of senior course results and material covered in the undergraduate curriculum.

Course Outline:

The first part of this course consists of a ten-week techniques course including gel electrophoresis, recombinant DNA technology, PCR, sequencing, bioinformatics, gene expression, protein isolation and analysis, confocal and electron microscopy, and large data set analysis. After successful completion of the techniques course, a six-month research project on a specific topic will be undertaken.