PHI2044F - Philosophy Of Mathematics

24 credits at NQF level 6

Entry Requirements:

Second year status and at least 50% for Matric mathematics, or a pass for a MAM course, or a lower intermediate score for the NBT in Quantitative Literacy.

Course Outline:

Mathematics – the paradigm of a successful intellectual practice, with highly secure results and many important applications – raises deep philosophical questions. For instance, if mathematical objects (like numbers) are not in time or space, then how can we know anything about these objects, and how can mathematics be of any use in understanding the physical world? Some other questions: Does mathematics have a foundation? What is a good mathematical explanation? In what ways does the discipline of mathematics develop? This course discusses and evaluates major contributions, both historical and current, to the philosophy of mathematics. The intended audience includes students who enjoy more abstract areas of philosophy in general as well as those interested in the significance of mathematics in particular.