PHY1023H - Principles Of Physics

18 credits at NQF level 5

Entry Requirements:

At least 60% for NSC Physical Science. The permission of the Dean or Head of Department is required prior to registration for this course. Notes: 1) This course only begins in week 7 and is intended for students who have been advised to transfer to this course after initially registering for PHY1004W or PHY1031F (see entries for these courses). 2) The course places an emphasis on the strengthening of foundational concepts and skills, the carefully-paced introduction of new material, and the development of sound approaches to effective learning.

Course Outline:

PHY1023H is an algebra-based introductory course for Science students. Some calculus may be used. The course includes the following topics: Tools and skills: Essential mathematical, diagrammatic and conceptual tools and skills for Physics, co-ordinate systems, vectors, rates of change, the fundamental forces, mathematical techniques and their relationship with physical phenomena. Mechanics: kinematics, forces, dynamics, momentum, impulse, work, energy, power, collisions, rotation, rotational dynamics, torque, angular momentum, static equilibrium, gravitation. Properties of matter: elasticity, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics. Vibrations and waves: simple harmonic motion, damped oscillations, forced oscillations, resonance, travelling waves, superposition, standing waves, sound waves, sound intensity and Doppler Effect.