PHY1031F - General Physics A

18 credits at NQF level 5

Entry Requirements:

At least 60% for NSC Physical Science. Note: Students registered for this course will be assessed in week 5; if it is judged that they are not coping with the level and pace of the course, and would benefit from an opportunity to strengthen foundational concepts and learn new material at a slower pace, they will be required to transfer to PHY1023H from week 7.

Course Outline:

PHY1031F is an algebra-based introductory course for Science students who do not intend proceeding to second-year courses in Physics. Some calculus may be used. The course includes the following topics: Mechanics: vectors, kinematics, forces, dynamics, momentum, impulse, work, energy, power, collisions, rotation, rotational dynamics, torque, angular momentum, static equilibrium, gravitation. Properties of matter: elasticity, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics. Vibrations and waves: simple harmonic motion, damped oscillations, forced oscillations, resonance, travelling waves, superposition, standing waves, sound waves, sound intensity and Doppler Effect.