PHY1032F - General Physics B

18 credits at NQF level 5

Entry Requirements:

PHY1031F or PHY1023H

Course Outline:

PHY1032F is an algebra-based introductory course usually taken by Science students who have completed PHY1023H. Some calculus may be used. The course includes the following topics: Electricity and magnetism: electric charge, electric field, Gauss’ law, electric potential, capacitance, current, current density, emf, resistance, resistivity, networks, magnetic field, Biot Savart law, Ampere’s law, electromagnetic induction, inductance, alternating currents. Thermal physics: temperature, heat, kinetic theory of gases, first and second laws of thermodynamics. Optics: Geometrical optics, polarization, electromagnetic waves, interference, diffraction. Modern physics: atomic structure, quantum physical phenomena, wave-particle duality, X-rays, elementary nuclear physics, radioactivity.